CM Haughey – ‘Compensatory’ damages paid over Malak Thawley’s death at National Maternity Hospital

An action by the husband of a woman who died at the National Maternity Hospital in Dublin during surgery for an ectopic pregnancy has been settled, the High Court has been told.

Malak Thawley, 34, died in 2016 after what her husband’s lawyers called a “cascade of negligence”.

Alan Thawley sued over her death and over the nervous shock he suffered as a result.

The court was told “compensatory” damages had been paid, but not aggravated or exemplary.

But no details of the settlement were given.

Mr Thawley had claimed aggravated or exemplary damages on top of compensatory damages, because he said he and his wife were not told a junior doctor would be carrying out the procedure.

He claimed the master of the hospital, Dr Rhona Mahony, should have “come clean” and told him exactly what had happened to his wife, instead of telling him that her death had been “an accident”.

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