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TO ALL FORMER LAWLINE SOLICITORS CLIENTS Re: Caoimhe Haughey formally of Lawline Solicitors now practising under the style and title of C. M. Haughey Solicitors at Christchurch Hall, High Street, Dublin, 8 Dear Client of Lawline, I hope this letter finds you well and as a former valued client of Lawline I want to let…

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On the 26th of February 2012 Kieron Wood of the Sunday Business Post penned an article “Haughey niece in asset stripping dispute over solicitor practice at Christchurch”. The article arose out of an attempt by Mr. David Synnott former partner of the dissolved practice of Lawline Solicitors to have a Receiver appointed to wind-down the…

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HSE = Transparency? Integrity? Honest Disclosure?

Have you been the victim of a medical accident or medical negligence? If so you may be unsure where to turn. One would hope your doctor or health professional would help, answer questions, advise you, sympathise, empathise? Maybe you have been “discharged” from medical care after something has gone wrong and no-one wants to tell…

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Compensation on the Double??

On the 1st August 2014 the Social Welfare and Pensions Act 2013 will come into force. What does this mean to the average compensation claim? It will introduce a system called the Recoverable Benefits and Assistance Scheme very similar to the CRU system that has been in operation in the UK for many years. It…

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Injuries Board – Fact or Fiction?

Road traffic accidents claims are on the rise according to the Injuries Board. They have accounted for a staggering €88,500,000 – €88.5 million in compensation for the first 6 months of 2013. The highest recorded award paid out by the Injuries Board to-date is €976,000. The Injuries Board Chief Executive says the injuries Board continues…

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Medical Negligence CASE – Infant LC v Hospital B

This case was brought to the High Court and after three days of evidence was successfully settled in favour of the baby and family for the sum of €5.25 million: – The Facts of this Case: – The mother was 21 years old and it was her first pregnancy. Her estimated due date was the…

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