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Medical Negligence* Articles

Medical Negligence CASE – Infant JF v Hospital A

  This case settled before the High Court on day 2 of the evidence for €3.3 million to include damages at the higher scale for injuries and future care costs. The medical experts for the baby and family were highly critical of the care which is apparent from the brief synopsis of the notes as…

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HSE admits Catastrophic Contamination Failure

In the last number of weeks the media have reported a number of serious contamination scares at major hospitals in the capital and country-wide. First there was the CJD contamination outbreak at Beaumont Hospital compromising up to twenty patients. It was said anybody with an open wound was on risk of contracting the disease and…

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Three Mayo Doctors Sued…

Mr. Justice Hogan of the High Court recently struck down an application by three Mayo doctors defending a case brought by Agnes Armstrong to obtain information from her regarding certain aspects of her personal injury claim. Mrs. Armstrong had fallen from a examination couch in the surgery for which she had to undergo a hip…

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HSE apologises for baby’s ‘wrongful death’

After yesterday’s settlement Caoimhe Haughey Solicitor for the family said they were happy that the case had been resolved and that the letter of apology was “worth its weight in gold” to them.

Coverage from both the Irish Times and Irish Independent on July 9th 2011.

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