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Cyclist fatalities on the Increase

5 cyclists have been killed on Irish roads this year the most recent being a young woman who was fatally injured by a lorry in Blackrock at a set of traffic lights. In 2012 there were 8 fatalities.

The RSA has reported the most dangerous areas for cyclists are cross-roads and T-junctions where cyclists are required to turn, particularly left hand turns.

At C. M. Haughey Solicitors we have represented victims of cycling accidents including children. It is important to note that as far as children are concerned there is a much higher degree of responsibility on MOTORISTS particularly when driving through built up areas or estates. It is recommended motorists slow down to a maximum of 25kmph in areas where children are playing.

In the case of Mulcahy an eight year old boy ran out from behind a school bus and was knocked down. The driver said he was doing no more than 10mph. The High Court dismissed the case but on appeal the Supreme Court held the driver liable and awarded the injured boy substantial damages. The Supreme Court said the driver was negligent because he did not sound his horn and he should have slowed down to a complete stop in anticipation of children alighting around the back of the bus.

In another case of Curley, the Supreme Court held that it may be negligent for a driver of a car to allow his child passenger to open the car door causing injuries to others. This is a very common occurrence particularly in car parks. Parents who have children in the car should ensure they cannot open doors without supervision.

According to the RSA cyclists make up 2% of road users however account for almost 5% of road fatalities.

Of note is the ban on heavy goods vehicles from Dublin City Centre between 7am and 7pm.

With cycling becoming more and more popular as a way to get about and with the introduction of Dublin Bikes it is imperative motorists and cyclists alike give each other space and respect on the road.

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