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Drivers – Watch Out For Passing Cyclists

Mary was cycling her bicycle to work, as was her normal practice every day. As she was passing a car parked on her left, suddenly and without warning the driver’s door opened knocking Mary from her bicycle. Mary fell heavily to the ground suffering personal injuries for which she brought a successful claim for compensation.

Initially her claim went through the Injuries Board.

The driver admitted responsibility as he had not looked before he decided to open the door of his car. The driver’s insurance company defended the claim initially but at the trial stage they accepted their Insured had negligently failed to give any consideration to passing cyclists and Mary’s case was settled out of Court. In other words it was accepted the driver was fully at fault. Mary received substantial compensation for her injuries and also compensation for loss of earnings as she was out of work for three months and was not paid by her employer.

If you have sustained personal injuries as a result of the negligence of a driver, contact our offices to find out your entitlement to claim compensation. We offer a no obligation service and can arrange an immediate no obligation consultation in our offices or over the telephone, which ever suits your needs.


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