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Q: Do I have a Claim for Personal Injury?

A: Knowing whether you have a claim for personal injury depends on whether negligence (fault) can be proved i.e. is the party responsible legally at fault? Causation also has to be proved – the link between your injury and the fault. This particularly applies in medical negligence cases. Please contact us with details of your accident/incident.

Q: Do I have a Claim under Employment Law?

A: Whether you have grounds to bring an Employment Law action depends on a number of factors for example, the length of your employment; the actions of your employer; the specific terms of your employment contract; and the Grievance Procedure.  For more information please contact a member of our team with your details.

Q: What is the time limit for me to bring a Personal Injury case?

A: In most cases the Statute of Limitations is strictly 2 years. There are certain exceptions to this but they are very case specific. It is best not to delay at all seeking advice about your claim. Please refer to our online Statute Calculator for assistance.

Q: What is the time limit for me to bring an Employment Law case?

A: In most cases the time-limit in which to bring a claim under employment law is only 6 months and you must have been previously employed for a continuous period of one year. Please telephone our offices and speak to a member of staff in this regard for a more information.

Q: What is the Value of my Claim? Not an Exact Science!

A: Compensation is awarded under 2 headings namely: -General Damages – what are they? General Damages relate to the pain and suffering endured as a result of the injuries sustained to-date and into the future. Depending on the nature and extent of injuries your claim will be brought in different Court jurisdictions, the District Court which has a maximum award level of €15,000, the Circuit Court which has a maximum award level of €60,000 in personal injury cases and the High Court which has no upper limit. The pain and suffering incurred by you for both the past and for the future, depending on the nature of your injuries is taken into consideration by the Court. Psychological injuries also attract damages in their own right.

B: Special Damages – what does this include - what can I claim for under this heading? Special Damages are out of pocket expenses incurred by you as a result of the accident/injury. Some of the items claimable under this section are: -

- Medical expenses

- Pharmacy bills/receipts

- Doctor fees/Hospital fees/medical attendant fees

- Loss of earnings to-date and into the future

- Travel expenses (bus vouchers, petrol vouchers)

- Any other item you wish to claim for once same can be vouched

Compensation amounts can be extremely difficult to predict or value at the outset of any case. Medical and other expert reports are obtained to assist with this process. Taking into consideration the general damages and special damages in your case (see above) an approximate estimation can be made on what your injuries might be worth which is always subject to change. The valuation of a compensation claim is usually best considered when all the medical and other expert evidence is collected and the special damages calculations are finalised.

Q & A: In most Employment Law cases compensation is based upon actual loss and there are other forms of redress such as reinstatement and re-engagement. Awards in financial terms are usually limited to a maximum of two year’s net salary.

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*In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.

*This statement is made in compliance with Reg. 8 of the SI 518 or 2002.


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