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Tree Root Causes Trip and Fall*

Sylvia, a sprightly seventy year old was on her way to the shops one morning. She decided to take a different route than her normal one so that she could call into her daughter on the way and who lived close by. As Sylvia was walking along the footpath she suddenly tripped, lost her footing and fell forward on to her outstretched hands. Her hand bag went flying and her glasses fell off and broke. Sylvia was dazed and lay on the ground for a few moments. She was in a state of shock and her left wrist was in severe pain. As she composed herself she noticed one of her shoes beside a tree root extending out from the grass verge onto the footpath. She realised that was what had caused her to trip and fall so suddenly. She had not seen the tree root as she was walking along. She also noticed the footpath was cracked and had subsided. A passerby helped Sylvia up and an ambulance was called. Sylvia was taken to hospital and treated for a fractured wrist, cuts and bruises.
It took a while for Sylvia to recover and even longer for her to regain her confidence to go out and about. Sylvia’s family sought legal advice and she brought a claim against the local authority for the area where the accident happened. Technical evidence from an engineering expert helped Sylvia win her case as it was accepted the local authority had a duty of care to make sure tree roots do not interfere with public walkways thereby causing known trip hazards.
These types of incidents occur very frequently. Many cases have been brought before the Courts for people who have tripped on public walkways as a result of tree root subsidence. If something similar has happened to you or a member of your family, call us for advice as the person injured may be entitled to bring a claim for compensation.
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